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Connected Freight is your Logistics Partner

When logistics play a big role in your business, a reliable end-to-end shipment solution is a must. With Connected Freight, you get an array of digital services for a seamless and worry-free shipment. Connected Freight connects a network of retailers, suppliers and third-party logistic providers so you can have an integrated and systematic process for order, dispatch and fulfillment of your deliveries. With Connected Freight as your logistics partner, you have security, convenience and cost efficiency for your business.

Connected Freight Order Systems


Start your logistics right. Connected Freight makes ordering simple, fast and secured for you with its astute ordering management system.

Connected Freight Shipment Systems


Nothing beats an extra peace of mind for your shipments. Connected Freight provides a multi-functional system allowing you to manage, to review and to track deliveries--preventing pilferage/errors from ordering until delivery fulfillment.

Connected Freight Optimization Engine


Efficiency in running your business is always the name of the game, as this affects your bottom line. With Connected Freight’s digital platform, you will have maximized travel routes, as well as optimized volume and delivery capacities.

Connected Freight Delivery Systems


No need to worry about tour plans and vehicle assignments. Connected Freight’s task management tool has got these covered , ensuring your shipments are delivered on time and in perfect condition.


Connected Freight Retail Kiosk
Connected Freight Retail Supervisor Platform
Connected Freight Supplier Platform
Connected Freight Package Labeling Station
Connected Freight Driver App
Connected Freight Optimisation Engine
Connected Freight Dispatcher Platform
Product - Retail Kiosk

Retail KioskRetail Kiosk

Our Retail Kiosk makes the product ordering of Retailers as easy as online shopping. The web-based platform consolidates various suppliers and buyers into a single ordering interface. With a click of a button, Retailers can now place orders, choose preferred delivery dates, and track shipments’ status, real time.

Key Features:

  • Single-channel ordering
  • Digitized product catalogue (with complete product information)
  • Flexible delivery options
Product - Retail Supervisor Platform

Retail Supervisor PlatformRetail Supervisor Platform

Our Retail Supervisor Platform allows easier management of orders approvals from multiple retail outlets. The web-based platform allows owners and managers to track and monitor retail store’s purchases, set thresholds, and set-up automated actions for orders received. As a store manager, you will not miss out on any important orders by your retail outlets.


  • Multiple site order review
  • Threshold values and default actions setting
  • Order Transparency
Product - Supplier Platform

Supplier PlatformSupplier Platform

The Supplier Platform enables suppliers to easily track orders, conveniently manage product and customer records, review key performance indicators, update pricing, and create and monitor promotions.


  • Digitized and consolidated Orders List
  • Complete customer and product information
  • Ability to generate KPI reports
Product - Package Labeling Station

Package Labeling StationPackage Labeling Station

The Package Labeling Station Platform gives warehouse managers a complete and consolidated list of orders to be packed, to properly label as available or unavailable and to update key performance indicators.


  • Digitized Orders List
  • Product Availability Determination and Labelling
  • KPI Monitoring and reports generation
Product - Driver App

Driver AppDriver App

Our Driver App enables drivers to easily locate pick-up and delivery locations and know specific items to be transported. Our app combines numerous constraints such as package dimensions, quantity of items, store locations, traffic conditions, vehicle capacity, and operating hours, creating an efficient tour plan for the drivers.


  • Digitized delivery workflow (with location for each pick-up and drop-off point and packages to be transported)
  • Real-time reporting system for drivers
  • Barcode scanning, navigation feature, and e-signature as proof of delivery
Product - Optimisation Engine

Optimisation EngineOptimization Engine

This is Connected Freight’s core offering. Our Optimization Engine maximizes and optimizes in-house and outsourced fleet and deliveries based on vehicle capacity and delivery locations. As suppliers or retailers, you can be assured that products are delivered on time and that resources are maximized with the least cost.


  • Tour Optimization
  • Volume Optimization
  • Weight Optimization
Product - Dispatcher Platform

Dispatcher PlatformDispatcher Platform

Our Dispatcher Platform provides fleet managers with full visibility and status of every delivery. The web-based platform allows managers to easily track and monitor deliveries from time, status, distance travelled, and pick-up and drop-off locations.


  • Activated couriers’ current location viewing
  • Delivery status viewing and monitoring
  • Fleet and driver performance monitoring


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